Il condominio globale

A free ecologic hosting where energy comes in great part by the solar energy of the Italian sun.

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These are actively maintained projects that get that most part of my coding efforts.


My personal web crawler and my ads-free, anonymous, fast and malware-free search engine.

I wrote my own database in C and Python (accessing it in PHP) to boost speed and enhance auditing and debugging, then I started indexing all the Internet with a spider coded by myself from scratch.

You can find informations and browse the web without any dangerous active content: a safe/secure and open/free technology that can interpret natural languages in near real-time, making comparisons and answering questions.


A free resource guide for the italian and international punk/post-punk/hardcore music.

We catalog and carefully review all sorts of vinyls, compact-discs, tapes, dvds, books, fanzine, posters, flyers, rare records, boxes, tickets, memorabilia.

A challenge in research, archiving, programming, SEO, big data, licensing, public relations, listening and brainstorming, taking and editing pictures, securing servers, spending and imprecating ;)

13 years of passion and engagement in a huge project of filing and disclosure.


My incomplete fencing bibliography of old and rare books.

I started to write this bibliography in 2004 and in these years I reviewed the best books about ancient martial arts: medieval sword figthing, western european self-defence, old italian fencing, one and two hands stick fighting, knife fighting and fencing, etc.

The photos I did of these original rare books make precious this website. I´m also reporting weight, size, number of pages and figures, binding, cover and sleeve jacket conditions and characteristics, complete book index, techincal notes and reviews.


When I was a child my father filmed me with a super-8 camera and he introduced me to movie film cutting and editing. All present facts about my cinema passion and short movie shooting are his fault ;)

Now we use digital cameras (also in 3d) and non-linear editing on pc/mac/linux, but my film camera is still working and I have some dreams about shooting a short film in super-8.

In this site you can find our videos and all informations about our past and future projects.


These are my computer science projects for the lonely nights and the weekends.


If you want to encrypt the source code of your php sites, leaving them runnable on every platform, this is your site. The encrypted code is compatible with Apache, IIS, LSWS, Lighttpd, etc (on Linux, Windows, Mac, *BSD...) alse through Nginx.


This is my personal fast (insane) unbreakable 3D test to take humans and machines apart! I developed it after reading a PHD thesis about a captcha braker, then I contacted the author and he praised my work.


Some years ago I was web addicted and I started writing a complete web operating system to work with my data and apps from enywhere, before the actual cloud-fever infected all us. The security is Mandatory-access-control based.


My personal Content Management System written in five years, specialized in archiving and publish books and music records. It can assist the editors in all reviews production phases, images management and attachment upload and publishing.


Some friend of mine and I started building a robot from scratch (and a software to control it) to play chess with it, on a physical checkboard. Now I´m trying to create a low-cost robot arm, controlled by an Arduino microcontroller.


Sometimes I found the solution of an hard problem on my Linux and Windows servers and I forgot it. Now I write any interesting solutions in this public website for you (and for me ;) me for comments and integrations.


We don´t have a physical place to meet. We don't crack your pc. ...but we love programmng and hacking (ethically) anything: PCs, smartphones, routers, radios, robots, cars, bikes, and any other object with electronics inside.


These are photos and technical notes about all my recent personal projects in computer-science and electronics. Contect me for comments, ideas, donations, etc ...I hope tomorrow some of them will become job opportunities.


These sites cannot be updated on a regular basis and are about fun and hobbies.

blog gipoco

My Blog

I don´t update my old personal blog. It is full of ten years of my life in animated and static photos and stories

leva 1975 mallare

Leva ´75 Mallare

All young boys at 18 in the country near Savona celebrate majority and meet again every year in summer

nani da giardino

Nani da Giardino

Some years ago a lot of jokers started stealing garden gnomes: now we want to repopulate random gardens for free ;)


We love cinema and theater. We make videoclips and short-movies.

Visit Daemo and watch our videos and photos.


These projects are about music, photography, martial arts and cinema.


The stick broderhood of Genoa hands down the ancient martial art of stick fighting as was practiced by the old sailors in Genoa in the fourteenth century. We use one and two hand sticks, a very short stick, knives and bare hands in our self-defence martial art.


I like taking pictures of my city (and other European cities) by night, on characteristic views, by feet and over exotic vehicles. I like to picture the world in black and white and I like astrophotography too (this time also in colors) and in these pages you can enjoy some of my works.


When I was a teenager I recorded some music tracks of my punk band. We liked all music, from folk to hardcore punk, from classical music to black metal, from world music to jazz. In every track you can find something of this worlds. All lyrics are full of youthful rebellion and our popular tradition (sometimes in dialect).


I made classial studies in high-scool and from childhood I developed a passion for poetry. My knowledge of music brought me to love for the metric in poetry and in particular for the sonnets of hendecasyllables: it was born in Italy in the thirteenth century and I think it´s great also today.


Depeche Mode are one of the best new-wave and electro-pop bands of all times and the first to record songs with the power of Personal Jesus, Enjoy the silence, Policy of truth, It´s no good, Behind the wheel, Nevel let me down again, Black celebration, Stripped, Everything counts, Photographic, etc.


After I was born in the 70´s my father began to paint using oil on canvas, inspired by the lush countryside in the inland of Savona, by the flora and fauna near the river where we lived, by the evocative landscape that in every spring morning peeped from the our windows in the mansard.


This strange phpto-gallery is made using a scripting language that generate dinamically an SVG vector file in which a javascript code make this complex image an interactive webpage: my exotic example of meta-programming and also a place where sometimes I publish my color photos.


This is the fn club of the "Elsembre Chitarristico Savonese". They are a big band of guitar players and vocalists with skills and passion for our traditional music culture. Stay tuned for concerts, news, blog posts, etc. Thank you for all the energy you put in this music project.