A free ecologic hosting where bandwidth comes in great part by the solar energy of the Italian sun

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Ecologic Free Hosting

No more energy got from coal, gas, or hydro-power (not so clean, too)... This embedded board take power from a solar panel installed in Savona, near the seaside in a nice place full of sun.

The current is stabilized by an electronic circuit, self-made using recycled components and new ones. The industrial board has a fan-less design and assures minimal consumption and maximal reliability. To obtain an high availability hosting service the critical parts of the operating system are stored on flash.

I will build a statistics website to watch the power used by the server and the ecologic quote taken from the solar panel. As soon as possible the service will be put in production.

Free Hosting not so free

Today too many bad men are conditioning the flow of the information, that was born free (like in "free speech", not like in "free beer") and wants to be free (and ecologic). Here people can publish web-sites in a clean and ecologic way, for free and without the influence of money, lobbies, politicians, religions, etc. We sponsor contaminations and differences, communication and comparisons, tolerance and brotherhood.

Hosting and Participation

Musicians, poets, graphic artists, drunks, dancers, poets, jumpers, indie film makers, car tuners cloud runners, body painters, ecologic visionaries, white and gray hat hackers, crazy lovers, etc. All those are welcome.

Contact us via email: info (a) gipoco.com and wait for an answer.... We reply almost to every mail as soon as possible. We hope You like our ecologic hosting and perhaps tomorrow Your website will be hosted on our little big solar server !!

Our Policy

To maintain our independence we don´t use to fill our pages with banner and other kind of garbage. The consequence is that there will be no economical gain derived from your web pages in hosting here. If You want, contact us and donate!

The idle cpu-time of our servers is involved in boinc project, please consider to contact us and join our team. This is a bash script I wrote to manage the cpu affinity mask of the GNU/Linux scheduler, trying to reduce cache poisoning. I put it in cron to run every minute redirecting the standard output to "/dev/null".


There are no words to thank Savona-on-line for all the housing support and patience in so many years, working hard to build and test network appliances, gaining the skills needed to obtain these results. All projects in hosting are dedicated to these workers, friend, brothers. ....and of course to all You contributors.

Bandwidth graciously donated by STS